Remote Recording


What is Remote Recording?

Remote Recording is where Joe can record any type of music from his home studio and send it digitally directly to you!

How Does it Work?

1. Send Project

Whether it’s for an album, film score, or just a demo, Joe can work with you on your project. You begin by sending your project over as a Pro Tools, Logic Pro, or Wav file. If there is sheet music to the part you have, you may send the sheet music over to record.  You can also have Joe play an improvised solo or translate a part from your mockup.

2. Record

Joe will record in a dry room in order to give a clean recording and to leave room to add reverb. Revisions are welcome.

3. Receive Tracks

After the part(s) are completed, they will be sent over to you in individual and isolated tracks. Clients may ask for the format and sample rate before the tracks are delivered to you.


Here are some examples of Joe’s remote recordings accompanied by the final mix

Example 1:


Saxophone Isolated


Saxophone Final Mix


Example 2:

Flute Isolated


Flute Final Mix


Example 3:

Clarinet Isolated


Clarinet Final Mix


Here are the list of woodwind instruments I can play for your track:

– Soprano Saxophone
– Alto Saxophone
– Tenor Saxophone
– Baritone Saxophone

– Flute
– Piccolo 

– Bb Clarinet
– A Clarinet
– Bass Clarinet


Aux Woodwinds
– Penny whistle
– Ocarina
– Recorder
– Bansuri
– Fife
– Chinese Dizi

For more information and/or rates, please contact Joe below