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About Joe Di Fiore

Joe Di Fiore is a woodwind specialist and composer with a passion for creating original music for film, TV, video games, and commercials. He has worked with a diverse range of artists, from big bands to chamber groups, and has gained a reputation for his exceptional talent and unique sound. Joe's compositions are inspired by a wide range of genres, from classical to jazz, and he is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with his music. With years of experience in the industry, Joe has developed a keen ear for what works in a variety of settings. He is able to create music that perfectly complements a scene or image, enhancing the emotional impact and bringing it to life in a way that words alone cannot.

If you're looking for a composer who is dedicated to creating music that is both unique and memorable, look no further than Joe Di Fiore. With his exceptional talent and years of experience, he is the perfect choice for any project, big or small. So why not get in touch today to find out how Joe can help you bring your vision to life?


Joe Di Fiore is a Los Angeles based woodwind specialist and composer, maintaining a diverse career and often finding himself performing and composing a myriad of different genres and ensembles. As a performer, he has shared the stage and recording studio with an impressive array of artists, including legendary figures like Rod Stewart, Matthew Morrison, Susan Egan, Debbie Boone, Stewart Copeland of The Police, Brian Bromberg, and Barbara Morrison. His musical footprint spans a broad spectrum, as he seamlessly transitions from contributing to big bands and orchestras to infusing life into chamber groups, R&B horn sections, and rock bands. Joe’s artistry has found its place on the stages of respected ensembles, such as the Tom Kubis Big Band, Claire Fischer Big Band, Bill Holman Big Band, and the legendary Glenn Miller Orchestra. He’s also lent his talents to the orchestral world with performances in the Whittier Regional Symphony, MacCallum Concert Band, Southland Symphony Orchestra, Pasadena Opera, and the Pasadena Community Orchestra. In addition to his performances, Joe has made his mark as a recording artist, composer, and orchestrator, contributing his craft to a diverse range of projects encompassing albums, documentaries, games, commercials, and independent films. His sound can be heard on film scores, including notable works like “Big Time” and “Ruta Madre,” as well as commercials for prestigious brands like Princess Cruises and The Black Tux. The world of gaming has also felt the resonance of Joe’s music in titles such as “BTS World,” while TV audiences have encountered his orchestrations and woodwinds on shows like “The Loud House.” Joe’s talents also encompass composition, where he crafts music for film. His scores for films such as “Blackheads” and “Forever Home” have garnered critical acclaim, earning nominations and awards for Best Original Score at film festivals. He recently was commissioned to craft the soundtrack for the webcomic “Señorita Cometa,” a heist saga that revolves around Alex, who takes justice into her own hands as the Phantom Thief Cometa. Furthermore, Joe has been commissioned to create big band pieces, contributing to the musical programs of various educational institutions, including high schools, colleges, and universities. In the summer of 2020, Joe embarked on a new musical chapter with the release of his debut album, “Out of the Woods,” an album that fuses classical chamber music with elements of jazz and the sounds of the American West. His compositions have recently found a well-deserved spotlight in KVC-Arts, a division of NPR that celebrates the work of local artists around Southern California. Joe is a graduate of OCSA (Orange County School of the Arts) where he honed his saxophone skills under the mentorship of Jeff Clayton. He continued to nurture his passion at Azusa Pacific University (APU), where he earned both his Bachelor of Music Degree and Masters of Music Degree. His studies at APU encompassed saxophone with Rusty Higgins, clarinet with Gary Bovyer, flute with Gary Woodward, and composition under the guidance of Tom Hynes.

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